*EVENT SOLD OUT - TICKET EVENT ONLY* Bob Flowerdew - Friday 27th April at 11:00am

Please note that all Bob Flowerdew tickets have now been sold. We look forward to welcoming our customers who have purchased tickets on Friday 27th April at 11:00am.

Jazz in the Millennium Gardens with the Nene Valley Jazz Band

We are pleased to welcome back the Nene Valley Jazz Band, who will be playing in the Millennium Gardens as follows:

Sunday 17th June from 12:00pm

Sunday 29th July from 12:00pm

Sunday 26th August from 12:00pm

There will be our usual hog roast and beer and wine tent. Please don't forget to bring a chair!

Johnny Walkers - Talk on growing Successful bulbs in your gardens (Friday 7th September at 11:00am)

We are pleased to welcome back Johnny Walkers from Taylor's Bulbs. Johnny will be sharing his expertise to everyone on growing beautiful bulbs to enhance your gardens and containers.