The days are now beginning to draw out and the first shoots of Spring are appearing so there is plenty to do indoors, if the weather is bad, and outdoors too.

Top 10 Jobs

1. Tidy-up your houseplants - pull off the dead stuff and start to give them a little more water.
2. Sow turnips - early varieties can be planted now but cover with a cloche.
3. Sort your seeds into the months they need to be sown
4. Prune clematis - those that flower in May and June (known as group 2) and those that flower in late summer (group 3). Group 2 flower on short new growths arising from older wood, so shorten last year’s growth back to a pair of healthy buds. This will stimulate side shoots. Group 2 flower on new growth, so they can be cut back almost to the ground.
5. Split Snowdrops - lift and divide those that have passed and buy new snowdrops “in the green” (before they die down, for best establishment).
6. Prune Wysteria
7. Prune hardy evergreen hedges and renovate overgrown deciduous hedges.
8. Net fruit and vegetable shrubs to keep off the birds
9. Treat furniture - in dry weather, bring out your wooden garden furniture, sand them down and treat with Danish oil.
10. Clean out your nest boxes - February 14th to 21st is National Nest Box Week!