After a fabulous February the garden is looking very Spring-like, but beware the odd cold spell. March is a busy time in the garden so here are our top jobs:

Top 10 Jobs

1. When the grass begins to grow it’s time to outdoor sow (and mow)! This will vary widely depending on where you live.
2.Try planting risk-free hardy veg that don’t mind the cold, such as carrots, peas, broad beans, spinach, radish, parsnips and leeks.
3.Water, label and protect early sowings.
4. Start to deadhead bulbs to improve next year’s flowers. Don’t cut the stems off and there’s no need to tie them up.
5. Now that spring has arrived & the temperature is creeping upwards, the lush new growth that this encourages is irresistible to slugs and snails, so be sure to take some controls now.
6. Move deciduous trees or shrubs. Now is the time to do this task, provided the soil isn’t frozen or waterlogged.
7. Resurface paths before plants start to grow and smother them.
8. During March and April celery seed can be sown into pots then placed in the greenhouse so you will have plants ready for planting out during May and June.
9. Flowers on fruit trees should be protected on frosty nights but during the day it is ideal for the covers to be removed so insects can get to the blooms.
10. If not already done, make sure garden tools and mowers are checked over ready for the coming season.