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Our new and enhanced outdoor plant area carries a comprehensive range of trees, conifers, shrubs, roses, perennials, climbers, alpines, heathers, bedding plants, grasses, fruit trees and statement plants for that instant impact in your garden.

Our plant area is set out in alphabetical order for easy garden planning. We have published our own plant guide leaflets to show you what we have available on offer. They are designed to assist you in achieving all year round colour.

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We are proud to supply top quality plants at very reasonable prices and a one year guarantee with proof of purchase*.

We offer a wide range of summer and winter hanging baskets to enhance your garden.

Please visit our friendly plant area team for all your garden questions and if you are not able to find the plant you are looking for, then we will do our up most to source our suppliers, to provide you with the plant you're after.

Anne Covell

Plants & Trees Manager

Hardy Plant Guarantee - Our hardy outdoor plants are covered by a 12 month guarantee, which begins from the day of purchase. Proof of purchase in the form of our till receipt must be produced. A plant label alone does not qualify. We will replace the plant or provide a full refund. The guarantee does not cover sale or discounted items. The guarantee does not cover plants that have not been properly cared for. The plant must finally be returned to the garden centre for inspection.

Plant of The Month For December - Christmas Seasonal House Plants

Plants of the month-Christmas seasonal house plants
Nothing shouts visibly louder than the brash bright red bracts of the Poinsettia plant. Botanically named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, who introduced this Euphorbia pulcherrima, aka Poinsettia from Mexico into America in 1828; these modern vibrant hybrid derivatives can make an excellent Christmas table centre piece or fill a corner with Christmas exuberance.
Modern cultivars sport a range of colours from the traditional red to burgundy, pinks cream and white. With a little care and attention they can continue to flower, right the way through December and also January. Who knew they could last?
Bright indirect light and a draught free zone are essential for keeping your plant looking healthy. Water sparingly and only when the surface of the compost has become dry. They do like high humidity so either mist the foliage regularly a place a small pebbled saucer containing a small amount of water underneath the pot. A once monthly high potassium and low nitrogen feed will also help to keep the blooms going.
How about keeping your plant and coaxing it to re-flower next year? You can cut the plant back hard in April to about 10cm/4” in height. Then re-pot in three parts J.I. no3, to one part grit. Grow on in a light but cool spot during the summer (again 18 degrees C is ideal) ; watering regularly and fertilize every 3 weeks. For the bract colouring to emerge, you must then reduce daylight or light exposure by 50% from November onwards-keep them in the dark for 12 hours every day.
Another popular festive favourite are the indoor cyclamen, which adorn our garden centre at this time of year. White, pinks, magenta and reds dominate this lively foliaged plant together with various bi-colour combinations to give you plenty of choice. Some even boast a delicate fragrance and frilly petals.
Bright indirect light and a cool room are ideal for longevity of flowering. Don’t over or under water as this will precipitate terminal wilting. Check regularly but allow the compost to dry out to a degree, between watering’s. Remove any yellowing leaves and spent foliage to keep your plants looking tip top.
Whichever plants you choose this Christmas, we hope you are able to get some enjoyment from you plants. Don’t forget your freshly cut Xmas tree! We now have plenty in stock.