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Plants & Trees

Our new and enhanced outdoor plant area carries a comprehensive range of trees, conifers, shrubs, roses, perennials, climbers, alpines, heathers, bedding plants, aquatic plants, grasses, fruit trees and statement plants for that instant impact in your garden.

Our plant area is set out in alphabetical order for easy garden planning. We have published our own plant guide leaflets to show you what we have available on offer. They are designed to assist you in achieving all year round colour.

Please find in store 28 leaflets for you to pick up free of charge.

We are proud to supply top quality plants at very reasonable prices and a one year guarantee with proof of purchase*.

We offer a wide range of summer and winter hanging baskets to enhance your garden.

Please visit our friendly plant area team for all your garden questions and if you are not able to find the plant you are looking for, then we will do our up most to source our suppliers, to provide you with the plant you're after.

Anne Covell

Plants & Trees Manager

Hardy Plant Guarantee - Our hardy outdoor plants are covered by a 12 month guarantee, which begins from the day of purchase. Proof of purchase in the form of our till receipt must be produced. A plant label alone does not qualify. We will replace the plant or provide a full refund. The guarantee does not cover sale or discounted items. The guarantee does not cover plants that have not been properly cared for. The plant must finally be returned to the garden centre for inspection.

Seed Potatoes Now in Stock

We have just received a new delivery of early seed potatoes ready to plant out for that perfect harvest. All seed potatoes are £3.99 each or 2 bags for £7.00 (Offer excludes Pink Fir Apple which are £4.99 each)


Is there anything more rewarding than stepping out into your outdoor space and harvesting your own potato crop straight from the soil.

If you have no real garden space, then use an old but clean tub or large bucket or even a compost bag to grow your own. Choose either a first or second early potato variety, as they are quicker to develop into your edible treasures and have a suitable plant size that is just right for growing in a pot or trug.

We would suggest Sharpes Express with an Award of Garden Merit (AGM). Trailed and for its consistent qualities of good growth in the correct conditions and general disease resistance. As a first early potato it is so versatile. We are talking boiled, chipped or used in salads. Charlotte (AGM) and Which magazine recommended 2017, a second early potato variety. Think of this garden to plate in half an hour, lightly buttered for your alfresco meal, to share with family and friends.

Get your youngsters involved at every step from planting to cooking and eating. They can watch the seed potatoes growing lovely shoots as you 'chit' them in a cool light place. perhaps use an old egg box to stand them upright, indoors on a windowsill. There are no special skills or magic required to plant your seed spuds, just make sure they are planted nice and deeply and earthed
up once the new stems start to emerge above the soil / compost. Keep nicely watered as needed.

Had problems with blight? How about trying something else this year? Sadly there are no chemicals currently available on the market to treat blight. Other ways to approach the blight problem is to choose first an early cropped seed potatoes or look out for the new Sapro potato varieties, bred for their high natural resistance to blight and common viruses. Lots of spud per
plant with good drought tolerance and excellent for storing after harvesting to keep your family well fed. We have got Sapro Mira (AGM). Think roasted, chipped or baked potatoes, or Blue Danube with bright blue skins and lovely white flesh, making them perfect for your Sunday roast potato.

Come along and see what varieties and choices we have to offer. Ask one of our Plant Area Staff for any help or advice with selecting or planting your seed potatoes. Perhaps you would like to come along, later in the season to visit our show vegetable garden and talk to our resident gardener about how to grow your fruit and vegetables. Happy gardening and eating everyone.

Have you got any great tips for growing potatoes you would like to share with our customers? Have you got a particular favourite variety and why? Get in touch via Facebook or email. We look forward to hearing from your experiences.

Plant of The Month For March - Hebe

These versatile evergreen shrubs are often overlooked, but make a fantastic addition to any garden. Originating from New Zealand and with over 100 species there is something to suit everyone.
They thrive in full sun, but will also tolerate partial shade. Plant in pots or open ground, they are happy as long as the drainage is good. Shorter compact varieties will tolerate winds and exposed sites making them ideal for coastal gardens of Norfolk
Flowering from mid to late summer (variety dependant) they make the ideal plant to encourage bees and butterflies to your garden. Little pruning is required, perhaps a trim after flowering to neaten the edges. Rarely do they suffer from pests or disease-what’s not to like about the Hebe?!
This month we have a variety of Hebes on promotion: £9.99 each or 2 for £16.00. Varieties include ‘Caledonia’- dwarf with dark green leaves tinted purple when young. ‘Marshmallow’ with lovely blue-green foliage and pink flowers that fade to white. Or ‘Purple Shamrock ’with its long variegated cream and green foliage that has a purple tinge in early spring, followed by bright blue flowers from June to October.

Bare Root Hedging Plants

Last few remaining bare root hedging bundles now half marked price.