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Our new and enhanced outdoor plant area carries a comprehensive range of trees, conifers, shrubs, roses, perennials, climbers, alpines, heathers, bedding plants, grasses, fruit trees and statement plants for that instant impact in your garden.

Our plant area is set out in alphabetical order for easy garden planning. We have published our own plant guide leaflets to show you what we have available on offer. They are designed to assist you in achieving all year round colour.

Please find in store 28 leaflets for you to pick up free of charge.

We are proud to supply top quality plants at very reasonable prices and a one year guarantee with proof of purchase*.

We offer a wide range of summer and winter hanging baskets to enhance your garden.

Please visit our friendly plant area team for all your garden questions and if you are not able to find the plant you are looking for, then we will do our up most to source our suppliers, to provide you with the plant you're after.

Anne Covell

Plants & Trees Manager

Hardy Plant Guarantee - Our hardy outdoor plants are covered by a 12 month guarantee, which begins from the day of purchase. Proof of purchase in the form of our till receipt must be produced. A plant label alone does not qualify. We will replace the plant or provide a full refund. The guarantee does not cover sale or discounted items. The guarantee does not cover plants that have not been properly cared for. The plant must finally be returned to the garden centre for inspection.

Plant of The Month For August - Ferns

Plant of the Month - August

Easy to grow, requiring minimal or no maintenance, these ancient plant forms have been around since before the Dinosaurs walked the earth. Fabulous foliage combined with pre-Jurassic toughness means that ferns offer a great way of dealing with those difficult shady locations. From miniature fronds clinging tenaciously to the edges of rocks and crevices, right up to the stately big tree ferns- Dickinsonia antartica, there is a fern to suit almost everyone’s taste.

Long-lived, mostly hardy and usually classed as either deciduous, semi or totally evergreen these plants are even said to be both deer and rabbit proof; that is certainly a bonus in our beautiful Norfolk countryside. No garden? Don’t worry. Choose non-hardy fern varieties and grow them as houseplants!

Most like part to full-shade, whilst a select few will cope with full sun. Moisture or boggy soil which is humus rich tends to be their preference, but some are both shade and drought tolerant once established. Look for the Award of Garden Merit as a marker of great performance and good plant qualities and tested varieties.

Choose from the Dryopteris genus where there are hundreds of cultivars available. For example, Dryopteris affinis AGM- The Golden shield fern. This is a tough semi-evergreen type with long uncurling fronds, dusted on the underside with golden russet spore forming apparatus and it is just stunning to see. Tough, drought tolerant when established and reaching a good 75cm in height and spread they make ideal container plants or garden specimens.

No better statement than the Tree Fern from the Dickinsonia genus. Watering is achieved by spraying the trunk like stem.In spring you will see the huge fronds gently arch and unfurl out from the top of the trunk. With a little winter protection and water protection of the crown, they can make it through most winters of reasonable weather, in Norfolk particularly if positioned in a sheltered location

Combine your ferny foliage with other herbaceous shade loving perennials, such as Hostas and Epimediums. Add in depth of texture, colour, shape, form and even flowers to all your shady places. Recycle old root stumps and branches and create a wildlife wonderland combined with planted ferns- give it a whirl and create your own ancient landscape.