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Alan Gray from East Ruston Garden - Friday 3rd March 2017 - Talk on 'Pushing the Boundaries'

We were delighted to welcome back Mr Alan Gray from East Rushton Gardens with a very informative talk entitled ‘Pushing the Boundaries’.
Alan gave a delightful talk illustrated with numerous slides from his own extensive garden and brought to life that idea of growing plants with a more exotic feel but which are defined in horticultural terms as not being sufficiently hardy enough to withstand our UK winter climate.
However it is obvious from Alan that despite all the well intentioned horticultural hardiness classification he has been able to grow more and more plants, which in times gone by would be considered very unsuitable. Alan has grown very successfully Beschomeria yuccoides in his garden and even Brugmansia aka-Angel’s Trumpet although he is able to get much longer flowering period by giving them winter protection. This generates a longer and more prolific flowering from May to October, if well fed and watered.
Alan showed us lots of areas of the garden where the stars of the show provide beautiful displays of lush foliage, which as he pointed out lasts much longer than any flowers. He suggested various plants including Melianthus major, Tetrapanex papyrifera Rex, Miscanthus as he called it Cosmopolitan or Arundo donax as grass like stars of the show.
All in all it was nice to receive encouragement from Alan to experiment more and try some unusual plants, which we as British gardener’s are maybe less likely to know and grow. If you are not able to source a plant locally come and ask one of our plant area team for some advice or help; plus you can always source plants using the Royal Horticultural Society Plant finder Web site for additional information of how to get that more exotic plant.